KLF took Emmalie on her Modified experience this July 2020. Originally we planned to go to California for some sandy beaches, sun and visiting the theme parks. Unfortunately, COVID prevented that from happening, so until we can travel safely to California we took a small trip to Silverwood In Idaho. We shopped, ate amazing food, swam at the hotel, went on a ton of rides, enjoyed the water park and stopped in Leavenworth on our way home for some sightseeing and river time! Emmalie has a seizure disorder called “Sunflower syndrome” which is a rare, epileptic disorder characterized by highly stereotyped seizures. During these seizures, individuals with Sunflower syndrome turn toward a bright light while simultaneously waving one hand in front of their eyes. This unique behavior is coupled with abrupt lapses in consciousness. You’ll see her wearing hats most if the time which assists her in preventing seizures. We had an amazing time and cant wait for our California trip!

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