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Our Story - A quick look...

Kara Lynn Foundation has been serving the Puget Sound and surrounding areas with support for various neurological diagnoses since 2016. We host family events, community building activities, and fundraisers. Kara is also a dynamic public speaker; bookings are available.

What is Kara Lynn Foundation?

It all began with eight simple words...

Kara Lynn grew up in Shelton, Washington. As a young girl, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, manifesting in grand seizures. While her family flocked to her side and offered a supportive and uplifting environment, Kara faced many obstacles in school: academic hardships, bullying, even ostracism. Throughout middle and high school, the pressures against Kara intensified. Despite this, Kara persevered and chose to thrive. She became an entrepreneur and public speaker, offering anti-bullying workshops, sharing information on epilepsy. She focuses on positivity and making sure students who share her diagnosis know they are not alone.

Kara Lynn Foundation was founded in 2016. Kara owned a store in the local shopping mall and developed 8 simple and inspiring words to put on her business cards. These words became her ethos: "Be Kind, Be True, Be Strong, Be You." She began incorporating this ethos into her speaking engagements, and after Kara's accountant and good friend attended her event and heard her story and mission, he advised her to start a foundation, aimed at aiding others who were going through the same as what she had experienced. Thus, Kara Lynn Foundation was born. Since its conception, Kara Lynn Foundation has grown into so much more than what Kara could have dreamed.

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