Helena's Support Dog

July 2020, we were able to provide 2 support dogs and Helena was one of the recipients. Helena captured our hearts when she wrote her own application directly from her heart. She unfortunately had a tumor and was operated on recently. It’s left her with facial dropping along with many other effects and her journey is just beginning. She asked for a friend in the form of a dog. They get along perfectly and provides the best companionship and assistance out there!

Thank you to Broken Arrow Corgis!


KLF adopted a family of 6 this year. Typically we do gifts for the children and ingredients for a nice family Christmas dinner. After meeting this family it was clear we needed to do more! They didnt have a tree, ornaments, stockings or Christmas cookies. So we provided it all! We provided stockings and materials to decorate them! A tree stand, lights, ornaments. And not only groceries for dinner but Groceries for the next month, Christmas dinner and all the pans and measuring cups etc you need for Christmas cookies. They had a great holiday season. 

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