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Donate to Purple Piggies! 

Purple Piggies….. Donate $26 and paint purple?

We want men from around the world to participate in this powerful fundraiser, not only to raise money but to spread awareness of the not often talked about risks, dangers, and effects of Epilepsy. ‘

YOU can make a difference, supporting epilepsy awareness month and the Kara Lynn Foundation is easy.  All you have to do is paint your toes purple (have some fun with it, let your kids, girlfriend, wife or whoever help you with this).  Click on the link and donate your $26 to benefit youth fighting epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

And then for the fun part; share this post tagging at least ten friends to get them involved as well.  #karalynnfoundation #klfpurplepiggies #epilepsy 

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