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New Things On The Horizon

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

We brought on a social media manager a few months ago. Since COVID hit. I have slowly lost focus. Kara Lynn Foundation offers programs that for the most part can not be appropriately provided during these times. Our fundraising for the most part has had to be modified. I started KLF in 2015 because I wanted to help people. I wanted their lives to be better, easier and easier to Navigate through. I soon realized this was what I was meant to do. I loved seeing how much we have been able to change lives, I have loved hearing stories of what others have gone through. 65% of our fundraising comes from clothing and jewelry sales. We set up shop at several fairs, festivals and other events. The part I loved most about fundraising in this way, is the amount of people that share their stories. Might not be neurologically related. But, everyone has a story. I loved how our 8 words, 'be kind, be true, be strong, be you" related to so many others. I miss helping people in the ways we had before, I miss meeting people so often and hearing them tell their story and experiences.

I used to write my blogs, post videos, and pictures with a hope of motivating, inspiring or letting others know I understand. A few months after our world as we knew it changed, I felt myself losing motivation. I didn't know what to do or where to go from there. How will we make it? We needed to become extremely creative and innovative. Thankfully, we were able to do a couple service dog family placement. That gave me something to feel excited about.

Since then, I have just been at a loss. Part of that is I don't like the unknown. When I am unsure I get really bad anxiety. I want to plan for the worst case scenario which can be responsible but at the same time add unneeded fear. I want to make it through this even stronger. I want my kids to continue to thrive in school and maintain their positive spirits, I want my friends to keep their jobs, cars and homes. I want our favorite hole in the wall restaurants to make it. There are so many other things I hope for Kara Lynn Foundation, for my family and for everyone else.

Our new Social media manager has really picked me up. She is wonderful! Together, along with a few of our board members we have come up with a whole new strategy and pandemic proof plan.

Completely rebranding

A new program to offer families

Various social media improvements

A new and expanded clothing and accessory line

A KLF group on Facebook which will be one of several avenues to fundraise

Additional partnerships

Podcast and new blog

And much more. Her creativity and dedication has restored some hope, drive and passion for what we do. I feel more confident than ever that KLF will reach some steep goals, help more families then we have been able to in previous years, create more support and awareness and much more. I am looking forward to expansion and organization in 2021, and a few surprises for our followers!

Someday we will be back to normal, out in the public, in hospitals and traveling. Rather than focus on the someday back to normal thoughts, we at KLF are creating our new normal with some minor tweaking.

Thank you to all who support us through this time! <3 K