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A Day In The Life

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I’ve been thinking about life with Epilepsy and Anxiety. I’ve lived with Epilepsy for over 30 years. Feels so odd to say that!! I have had so many struggles. So many hospital visits and stays. So many discouraging doctor visits. I have taken over 30 medications to treat my illness’ I have found that even still, people do not understand. I wake up each day- grateful top be alive and to not have suffocated in my sleep from a seizure. I take my seizure medications at 10:00 am. Some days I wake up and have a numb feeling in my face. Some days not. I often feel lethargic. I experience extreme fatigue daily. The tired most people feel after a long busy weekend, that’s my usual day. I nap every single day. A 5 minute nap does wonders for me. Sometimes they’re longer and often they are in a parking lot in my car. I forget a lot of get confused and it takes a lot of work to work through that on a daily basis. I get overwhelmed by small things. I feel nauseous, and I get headaches daily. I am used to feeling this way, however I don’t feel it’s any easier. I often make plans for the evening in the morning and by the time the evening hits I cancel because I am either exhausted or not feeling well. On an off day, carrying a conversation proves to be next to impossible. I will begin a sentence or a story and lose it completely then need to be reminded of what I was talking about. I have a hard time playing board and card games simply because the part of my brain that thinks for me while playing a game, fails me! I will have a lost of to do’s and forget it so I have an alarm to remind me I have the list. I lose my keys, my wallet and my sunglasses ALL the time. I struggle with math, always have always will. If a test or quiz is not multiple choice, I most likely will fail. I struggle daily. No day for me is “normal” or “easy” But, that makes me all the more determined. I have several other effects and difficulties but let’s not focus on the bad. Everyday I am thankful. I have my bad days but I have a great life. I have great people surrounding me. I love my work. I may struggle daily but I can’t complain. I am alive and that alone is a miracle in my opinion. I will continue to have my bad days, I will continue to have tests, check ups and new care plans. But, I will also continue to be strong and take on each hurdle with a strong mindset, an continue to tell myself- it can always be worse <3 ~K

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