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Not Everyone Will Like You, And Thats Ok.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Not everyone will like you. For some reason it’s taken me along time to realize this important fact and not let it bother me. I am me, I’ve made mistakes, I am very OCD about a clean house, but my dresser drawers are far more disorganized then my kids are. I am a people pleaser, (less as a get older) I’m stubborn. I took too long to be what I would call a stable person. From relationships, to moving around a lot, changing jobs and not knowing who I was or wanted to be. I am blunt and outspoken but I’m as real as it gets. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt but after so many chances I am done. I treasure my friendships and look to those relationships as I do family. I am not the best time with managing me time. I cannot stand Sushi. I love to cook, I like to bake. I hold my emotions in well, but once I can’t hold them in anymore it’s on. In fact the las time I cried, it was a buildup of several life events that happened over the course of a month. I was the strong one, and was blocking out emotions. Once I let myself I cried off and on for an entire day. Not just cried, but I ugly CRIED!!

Years ago, the only way I knew how to deal with myself, the good, the bad, the ugly. Was to lie about who I was. I felt I needed to hide the bad and embellish the good. To me, that would earn me relationships. It would ”make people like me” In the end, it destroyed me. It destroyed so much that it took years to fix myself and everything around me. Since then I have prided myself on being kind, true, and strong and you. Those words are the words I live by and hold true.

However there are going to people throughout your life, that no matter who you are, what you are and how hard you try. They will never like you. Which has NOTHING to do with you, but all to do with them and their character.

“Those who matter won’t mind, those who mind don’t matter."

Not everyone will accept you. Not everyone will like you. Some will judge, some will be jealous, some disappointed and so on. But, if you are 100% yourself and transparent about who you are, that’s what counts. Those who accept the person YOU ARE, matter.

Trying to be the person others think or want you to be, will destroy you.

I am kind and civil to anyone, but I don’t have to like them or agree with them.

Those of you reading this, stuck in the same cycle I was. Stop! Work on you. You’ll slowly attract the right people. One at a time. Remember, in all things, quality over quantity.


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