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I joined Kara Lynn foundation: For many years I taught and worked with children sports programs. I have also been donating to the children's charities since I became a mother. I absolutely love to volunteer! Something my father was a great example of and instilled in me since I was a kid. Because of this my goal was to find a local charity and help my local communities children. I hadn't been active in working with children's for a couple years and missed it! Fate will now intervene!!
Just so happens that when I went to the Meeker Days Festival in Puyallup I walked by the Kara Lynn Foundation booth. I thought they had a great booth and so I stopped checked out all they had. We found ourselves talking to Chris about the foundation. It sounded like a perfect fit and just what I was looking for. He invited us back the next day to meet Kara, which we did!! I was so excited and after talking to Kara I was hooked and signed up immediately. It has been the greatest gift, learning experience, best group of people to get to know, and foundation to work for ever since that fateful day. The biggest part of that is Kara and the huge inspiration that she is to so many people and children. It is my absolute honor and pleasure to work for such a great Foundation doing great work to better children's lives!!! 

Jason Orme

Board Member

My reason for being involved with the foundation reaches back to a time in my life when I suddenly found myself with multiple medical issues, no support system, and a lot of "what, who, how"  type of questions.  It was in 2012 when I sustained multiple injuries while in Afghanistan.  I was paralyzed, had a traumatic brain injury, had multiple extremity injuries, various facial injuries, and I was confined to a wheelchair for a period of time.  It was through a foundation similar to the Kara Lynn Foundation called Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors, that I not only found the information, help, and support that I needed as I healed and recovered from my injuries.  But, through the various programs and opportunities they provided it gave me a sense of hope and positive outlook on the future.  It instilled a sense of gratitude and desire to help others who may find themselves in similar situations of facing the unknown.

The Kara Lynn Foundation was there when I was in a time of need. I have epilepsy disorder and because of KLF I was put in touch with the best doctors in the area to treat my epilepsy. KLF is an organization that I believe in because the KLF is on a mission to want to help others with my same medical issues. That is something I wholeheartedly believe in and support and it is my hope others can and will support as well.

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