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Kara Lynn has built her company from scratch! She has faced
so many obstacles in life and has overcome them all. Kara was diagnosed with
Generalized epilepsy at age 6. Unfortunately, when she hit puberty her
condition worsened, and she received devastating news after testing. She will
never be a candidate for surgery, she will not outgrow her epilepsy and she
will always be heavily medicated. After 100’s of grand-mal, myoclonic, as well
as absence seizures and years of trials and errors with treatment she began on
a downward spiral of feeling hopeless, worthless and felt that her epilepsy
would define her. She began hiding her condition in hopes she would make
friends and feel important or good at something.

Fast forward years later. The thought process of pretending to
not be living with Epilepsy proved to be the worst way to go about it. Epilepsy
had depleted her confidence and sense of self worth. Sadly, this is all too
common in children and adults with Epilepsy. So Kara began her journey of
expectance and learning to love herself. Realizing she IS good enough despite
the label she has. (Person with Epilepsy). Since finding herself and beginning
her journey of acceptance, she has began to teach others to do the same. She
speaks on a platform of motivation and building confidence. She also speaks
about building business. Kara built her business while raising 2 children,
dealing with her Epilepsy. Sometimes having up to 4 other jobs so she can
sustain herself while she builds her business. She made mistakes and had
setbacks but she also has experienced a lot of growth in herself and in her

Kara is driven, determined and self-made confident business
woman. If she can do it you can too!

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