Our Mission

A non-profit organization benefiting youth experiencing Epilepsy and other Neurological disorders through awareness and other Modified Experiences™
My name is Kara Sampson. I am 32, and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was just 6. For the past 26 years I have faced so many challenges, socially, emotionally and physically. Never feeling 100% healthy. And for a long time I felt as if I wasn’t “good enough” or normal. Growing up with a brain disease is hard because it’s invisible, and often misunderstood. Epilepsy is extremely underfunded.
Fairly recently I was taking a long hard look at where I was in life, and it just hit me. I can’t let this take my life over anymore! I am “Good enough!” In fact I am more then good enough. And I want others to know they are too. No more living life to please others, you have to live for yourself!
Which is why I started “Be kind, Be true, Be strong, be you.” This short, but inspiring message shows us that we are all created equal. It teaches us to accept people for who their true selves are. It gives us hope and strength and encourages us to be kind. With all the negative messages we see on a daily basis, I’m hoping this message can make a difference.
Not only am I creating awareness, I am also attempting to raise money for Epilepsy support.
I appreciate any support in my efforts. My goal is to inspire others through living a life of integrity, and offering empathy to all of those impacted.
Not only do I hope to positively impact those with Epilepsy; in addition I hope to help encourage other to accept and embrace themselves no matter what they are facing. I am working to become a voice for children are bullied do to disabilities beyond their control.
I hope to change many many lives and be a positive force an all.