Who Are We

We are a  non-profit organization benefiting youth experiencing epilepsy and other neurological disorders through awareness and other modified experiences. Our primarily mission  is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and  help children and and their families with the challenges that living with epilepsy can present  We deliver  education, counseling, referral, and moral support assistance.

What We Do

The kara Lynn Foundation goals are to impact and inspire others to be true to themselves while raising awareness and offering support for youth effected by Epilepsy. We are committed to running our foundation with integrity and empathy. We will strive to be a positive and encouraging force in many lives. Furthermore as we create awareness, We also are attempting to raise money for Epilepsy support sot that we can provide services that makes a difference in a child’s life.

Mission Statement

We do appreciate any support in our efforts. Our goal is to inspire others through living a life of integrity, and offering empathy to all of those impacted.
not only do we hope to positively impact those with epilepsy but also assist their family members and show them that they are not alone. As an organization we hope to help encourage other to accept and embrace themselves no matter what they are facing. We are working to become a voice for children who are bullied due to their disabilities who are  beyond their control.

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